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PostSubject: Injuries   Fri May 29, 2009 9:39 am

Name Po Tea Ag Out of pl SH PL ST CH PO HI SK EN PE FA LE St OF DF OA
----------------------- -- --- -- --------- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Brian Rafalski D 35 5 months C B B- B- B- C A- B B C- C B- B- B- B-
Corey Locke R 24 5 months C- C C D D D C C- C C C- C- C D C-
Doug Weight C 37 3 weeks B- B- B- C B- C B- B B- B B- C B- C B-
Boyd Gordon C 24 2 weeks C- C- C- C B- C B- C B- B- D C C- C C
Jonas Hiller G 26 2 weeks B- B- C B- B- B- B- C C B- C- C C B- B-
Nicklas Bergfors R 21 1 week C C C C C- C- C C C C- D C- C C- C
Éric Bélanger C 30 Day to da B- B- B- C C C B- B- B- B- C B- B- C B-
Zack Stortini R 23 Day to da D D D C C B- C- C F C- D B- D C C-
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